So, you're pregnant and you didn't plan or don't want to be. Now what? For many women, if they don't believe in abortion or see it as an option that they could live with, the only other choice is parenting.

Parenting may indeed be the best choice for you and your baby. You may feel ready and know that you have the support you will need. You may have always wanted to be a mom and even though the timing isn't the best, you know you can do it. Or, it may be that you just know you couldn't carry your baby for nine months and then "give it away."
Because we believe that the best decision is an informed decision, we want to help you think this through. After all, you want to be the best parent that you can be and be as prepared as possible. As you are making your plans, there are some things that may be helpful for you to think about. There are some questions that only you can answer and it may be good for you and your baby's future if you think about them.
This content is reprinted with permission from Bethany Christian Services.